Proof of earnings and justification of course

I have been working as an academic writer for more than 4 years now. I started by working for someone for about a month or two before I acquired an account. My first account was (RWC) which I was working with when I was still a student. I made some money from it but not really as much as I had anticipated. In my last years as a student I managed to open a account which made me about $500 to $1000 every two weeks. It wasn't until the end of 2013 that I implemented a strategy that tripled my earnings instantly. I started having $3000+ and $4000+ and pay days, something I had only imagined. Here is a screen shot of payments earned then.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 8.44.16 AM.pdf

Much has changed since then. Companies probably don't pay as much as they used to and they probably have more writers than they had then. That is the excuse people make when I share these records. Since I don't work with accounts at the moment (Don't worry, I will explain why in later parts of the course) I decided to check around for people who are making it in 2016. And sure enough I found someone who makes even much more than I made in those days with a Uvocorp account. What surprised me is that he uses the very strategy that I used then. See his earnings below.

financial report.pdf

See? Not much has changed. Companies could have changed but the strategy is still as effective as it was then. This course teaches you everything you need to know about implementing the same strategy for the next peak season. If you have ever tried different approaches of handling an issue before, you will agree with me that there are many surprises that one never expects would turn out as they do. My strategy wasn't any different. There are mistakes I made then that I can help your avoid since I know what worked and what did not. Additionally, there are strategies the person in the second screenshot implements that I did not know which you will learn in the course. In short, you get a hybrid of two systems that have been tested and proved extremely efficient. Implementing the strategies would see you earning way more than you what is displayed in the screenshots above.

Maybe you are wondering, What if I have never worked with an account before?

The course is perfect for you too.

Before 2015, I believed you needed to work as a writer before you can run your own account. I don't believe so today. I have helped a number of people get started with Academic Writing and three of my most successful students have never worked for someone. They simply acquired an account and I took them through the process of uploading their first orders until they became proficient. This course documents the same process I used in training each of one of them. Having a mentor to walk you through is as added advantage and that is why I allowed for that option too when purchasing the course. I will offer the same STEP by STEP guidance that I offered all the other three people.

Don't know how to get an account?

No problem. I will show you how I have managed to open 22 accounts, 18 of which were Uvocorp accounts and if you can't manage that, I will show you how to rent or buy an account from trusted sellers.

Before we begin, let me ask....What do you want to achieve in the next 1 year or two?... Buy a car? Rent a better house? Buy a home? name it; am sure you have something you want to achieve.

Well, based on personal experiences, whatever you want in life you will get...If you look for an excuse not to do something, believe me, you will find one. If you look for a way to do something; you will also find one. Sadly, most people opt for the former. Know this from today onwards, for most things that you do and fail to see positive results, it is not that they stop working; it is just that you stop doing what you were required to do to achieve them. If you quit on something, you will never know what things would have been had you persisted. Ever heard the story of the Chinese Bamboo? Nothing illustrates the reward for persistence better. If you haven't heard of it, here it is:

What is your Chinese Bamboo? That is up to you to decide.

This course will help you earn more from an account but you have to TAKE ACTION and practise the strategies proposed. That said Let us get started.

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