Account management options and their pros and cons

In using an account, there two approaches one can take. One is is to complete all orders on your own and the other is to outsource the order completion process. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. That is the content of this section.

Completing orders on your own


  1. You don’t have to keep checking the orders since you deliver the best quality papers. In short you trust the quality of the paper and know whether you have answered the question exhaustively.
  2. You have greater control on the quality of papers and thus reduce prevalence of revisions and increase number of customer requests/ repeat clients.
  3. You receive 100% of the money earned. Therefore, if you complete 8 pages daily for 25 days in a moth. You make $1200 per month assuming you are paid $6 per page.
  4. Few account suspensions and low risk of account closure.


  1. Low output since you get exhausted easily due to too much writing
  2. Low income since there is a maximum number of hours you can be productive in a day
  3. Can be very traumatising if orders are sent on revision when you are working on other urgent ones. You will have to find ways of completing both at the same time
  4. Less time for yourself since most of the time is spent writing papers
  5. Low motivation due to exhaustion

Outsourcing the order completion process


  1. Higher output since you can hire a large number of writers. For instance, if you hire 5 writers each completing 8 pages a day and assuming you are paid $6 per page. You make $240 daily. If you work for 25 days in a month, you make $6000 a month. If you pay the writers $2 per page, your share is $4000 that month. Urgent orders can pay as much as $12 per page depending on the account you are using. Therefore, you stand a chance of making more than the stated amount.
  2. You have more time for yourself since your work is checking through orders, picking more and assigning writers.
  3. It is less traumatizing since you can have several orders on revisions but also have a number of writers to whom you can distribute the work.
  4. You are more motivated since you have time for yourself
  5. More time allows you to think outside the box and startup other side business that can increase your revenue. Note I have dedicated a full lecture to 5 business you can do once you have made the money in the last section of the course.


  1. It is harder to control quality and hence increase in the number of revisions and disputes
  2. Inconsistent quality increases the risk of account closure
  3. Handling writers can be disappointing especially when you assign them orders and they fail to deliver. Having backup writers comes in handy.
  4. A large volume or orders may force you to move around with your Laptop to ensure everything is running as it should.
  5. Handling a large volume of orders can be tedious

There you have it. You can gross $1200 a month working on your own or you can gross $6000 a month using a system. That is your choice to make. Lets now review the roles involved in running an account.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages of either of the two options above that are not included in the list? What are your experiences? Let me know in the comments section.